Usage Instructions

In order to know the usage of Herbs Vitiligo Oil please read out the instructions mentioned below so that you can exactly know when and how to use the oil for better results. You need to apply the oil twice a day for better results. In order to see better results please go through the usage instructions mentioned here.

  • Talk to your doctor first and get yourself diagnosed in order to be sure if you are actually suffering from vitiligo or is it just meek sunburn.

  • Massage it well on the affected areas and leave it on overnight so that the results are more obvious.

  • Recommended application time is at the night and in the afternoon especially when you are free and have nothing much to do for about 3 to 4 hours.

  • Use Herbs vitiligo oil twice a day

  • Choose one particular time and apply the oil daily on the same hours you have applied previously while starting the Care.

  • Store the oil in a cool, dry place.

  • Use appropriate diets along with the use of herbal oil Take a doctor's recommendation before using Herbs vitiligo oil if you feel you have some medical issues previously.

  • Do not under any circumstances increase the suggested applications because it can cause many side effects.

  • This herbal oil is made of herbal ingredients so don't really worry about the side effects.

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight while you have the oil on.

  • When you start seeing the results you should still use the oil for about 2 months more so that the symptoms are removed completely.

  • While undergoing the herbs vitiligo oil Care, be sure to be regular and punctual.

  • Do not miss out a single application and be very punctual if you want to enjoy beautiful skin without patches.

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There is no such thing as vitiligo Care because vitiligo is non-treatable and there is no such medication which can help you completely get rid of vitiligo. Vitiligo Care is normally temporary which shows a temporary recovery but the patches come back again once you stop using the medicine. read more
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